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Our computational physics group focusses on developing mathematical models of fascinating physical phenomena primarily (but not only) related to fluid mechanics and heat transfer and their further implementing by employing advanced highly scalable numerical techniques. The activity of our group can be informally divided into three main parts:


  • development of advanced computational algorithms;
  •  basic research of fundamental mechanisms of complex flow;
  •  heat transfer phenomena and applied research;


In our research we infer the acquired computational and theoretical experience to realistic engineering applications. We are always open for fruitful collaboration with theoreticians and experimentalists from all fields of applied sciences, chemistry and biology to extend our understanding of complex physical mechanisms.


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Congratulations to Dr. Mukesh Kumar for joining our research as a Post Doctoral Scholar. Good luck, Mukesh.




Congratulations to Mr. Shay Tor for successful defending his Master's degree. 


Congratulations to Kirill Goncharuk for joining our research as a Ph.D. canditate.

Good luck, Kirill 


Congratulations to Dmitry Zviaga for successfully defending his M.Sc. Good luck in you new position in RAFAEL.

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