Dr. Eli Barami, Ph.D.                                       Dr. Avihi Spizzichino, Ph.D.                                           Mr. Liav Daraf, M.Sc. 

Analytical and numerical study of                     Structural numerical simulations of fused               Rheological model for tumor cell 

heat transfer enhancement in liquid metal    optical fiber components. Ph.D. thesis                      progression and metastasis.

by rotating  magnetic field. Ph.D. thesis can    can be seen here                                                          M. Sc. thesis can be seen here

be seen here    




                  Mr. Dmitry Zviaga, M.Sc.                        Mr. Rafi Sela, M.Sc.                                         Mr. Arnon Ratsabi, M.Sc.

             Development of 3D flow model    Development of numerical methodology          Fluid and charged particles flow under

             for simulation of accidental           based on Immersed  Boundary method           the influence of an electric field at high 

             regimes in nuclear reactors.          for simulation of incompressible viscous          voltage. M.Sc. thesis can be seen here

             M.Sc. thesis can be seen here       flow in the presence of rigid bodies with

                                                                         periodically moving boundaries. M.Sc. thesis

                                                                         can be seen here



                 Mr. Shahar Idan, M.Sc                              Mr. Yosef Gulberg, M.Sc.                                     Ms. Ilanit Waxman, M.Sc.

         Flow control through use of               Flow control through use of heterogeneous                   (jointly with Dr. D. Zarrouk)

         porous media: An application to       M.Sc. thesis can be seen here                                    Robotic locomotion in viscous fluids

         smart insulation of construction 

         blocks. M.Sc. thesis can be seen here



Kirill Goncharuk 


Ph.D. student (jointly with Dr. Oz Oshri)


Investigation of volume-constrained
deformation of  a thin shit within viscous fluid



Liav Daraf 


Ph.D. student (jointly with Dr. Lior Atia)


Development of numerical and experimental model for the tumor cell progression and metastasis 







Shay Tor


M.Sc.  student (jointly with Prof. A. Yakhot)


Advanced visualization of turbulence in pipe 



Yohay Mayan


M.Sc. student


Modeling of multiphase flow under the action of electric field at high voltages  and shear stresses


Victor Loginov


M.Sc.  student 


Investigation of multiple steady states of of non-Boussinesq confined flows 



Erez Intarter 


M.Sc. student


Development of 3D two-phase solver for simulation of bubble and particulate flows  




Yuri Feldman



Principal Investigator


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